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Stage 2 - Choosing A Plot

This stage is a short stage before creating a story, but crucial to ensure we address the most important need first. When we do subsequent stories, this stage and Stage 1 will not need to be as comprehensive, reducing the interval for the whole process.

Compile List of Problems to Create Stories From Stage 1 Activities

I will collect all the input from Stage 1 and prepare a strategic initial list, based on my non-biased perspective.

Prioritize the List of Problems

With you and your team, we evaluate all of the problems identified and see which makes sense to address from the following perspectives:

  • Your target customer profile - are these problems addressing their needs?
  • Your products/services - will you look great, being the hero for these problems?
  • Make sure you have a solution for each of the chosen problems.
  • Make sure the problems are specific enough in scope to address in one story. If the problem is too broad, it will be difficult to write a story that will inform sufficiently. We don’t want a “So what?” reaction.

I will need approval before continuing to the next activity in either Stage 3 or developing an outline for a series of stories.

Develop an Outline for a Series of Stories (If desired)

At this stage, we can also develop a strategy to develop a series of stories that will compliment each other, addressing the top priority story first.

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To get started, please e-mail me at or call me at 678-935-7343.

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