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Testimonials from my valued customers

Krishna Avva has worked closely with my team and I to understand how we could clarify and strengthen our marketing message.  He provided specific suggestions on how to change the structure of our message to focus on the benefits our clients would gain by utilizing our services.  In particular, he revised our website to be more consistent in look and feel.  He also has provided a success story reflecting one of our best wins with a client and ideas for more success stories.  We have been very pleased with the quality of his work and his partnership in our success.

    Diane Morse
    VP Sales and Marketing
    Market Velocity, Inc.
    "Creating value for yesterday’s products, today"


A customer of ours wanted one of our test systems right away. We were very busy putting the system together to the customized requirements that they requested. Our portable database cluster systems are quite complex. They include servers, switches and storage along with complex software and specialized configurations. An important part of our delivery was a high-quality easily understood document set that would guide them in operating the system and project a high degree of competence. We needed help. And we got it.

Krishna Avva gathered up our existing literature and industry documentation and went right to work. He worked with us to develop an overall document design and efficient layout. He was able to take the documentation of our engineers and weave it into easily understood prose. He worked extra hours and weekends to help us meet our aggressive deadlines. He was prompt and reliable, just as we need him to be.

The customer was very pleased with our product delivery. They were complimentary of the documentation supplied with our system.

    Kenny Smith
    Director Oracle Consulting
    Cnetics Technologies, LLC

To get started, please e-mail me at or call me at 678-935-7343.

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