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Now You Can Make Your Business Documents a Must-Read!

Believe it or not, your White Papers, Case Studies and Ghost Written Articles for Trade Journals can inform and entertain.

In today’s world, business customers expect you to understand their troubles. What better way to connect than by telling a story to solve their problems?

A story represents a collection of words fashioned to entertain. All good stories start with a conflict (a problem) eventually resolved by a hero (your company) and everyone lives happily ever after. A story should be both engaging and informative. Easily read material is usually passed on to decision makers for their approval. Storytelling is also an excellent way to propose new projects to executive management in a style that captures their attention.

The Biz Storyteller is ready to help you grow your business.

Why Storytelling? helps you understand the benefits of telling a story to grow your business.

The How To Create A Story delves into how your business can tell a story. Analysis will show how we can use materials you already have.

Storytelling Services outlines different copywriting mechanisms to tell your story

Take a look at some Samples in the Biz Storyteller format.

Why Krishna Avva? gives you the intangibles and a little background on why I am the best person to tell your story.

Testimonials tells you why my customers love my work.

Contact the Biz Storyteller and start your story today.



To get started, please e-mail me at or call me at 678-935-7343.

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