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Why Storytelling?

Stories fascinate everyone. There’s always a problem or a nuisance to solve. In the end the hero saves the day.

With a storytelling technique, your company can be the hero for your customers, new and old. The Biz Storyteller takes common problems in your industry and tells a compelling story with your company as the obvious hero. Your story will be an entertaining, subtle soft sell.

 The benefits you derive from the storytelling technique are:

  • Strengthens you as THE company to provide the solution
  • Shows you "get it". You feel the customer’s pain and are doing everything you can to solve it
  • Gives you the jump on the competition, by publishing the solution first
  • It’s timely
  • Easy to add to a web site as a downloadable document
  • It’s a nice additional piece of documentation to include in a direct marketing campaign
  • Trade journals will use it as an article, versus you paying for an advertisement
  • It gets passed on to decision makers as a “must read.”

 The benefits for your customers or potential customers:

  • White papers are directed at their key problems - rather than making a sales pitch for your products.
  • The customer is engaged because the paper is for them.
  • The focus is on the problem and solution, not the products or services, so there is less “sales talk” for them to wade through.
  • By giving a comprehensive solution, customers feel more confident you have their best interests at heart.
  • A short story (6-15 pages) is easy to read
  • Your story informs, not sells.

Let’s see How To Create A Story for your business.


To get started, please e-mail me at or call me at 678-935-7343.

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