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Stage 3 - Story Creation & Development

At this stage, I will take all the material back with me and put my creativity to work. There will be minimal need for involvement from your staff, except for any clarifications on previously discussed topics.

Take the Top Problem From Stage 2 & Develop an Outline for a Story for this Problem

Within three business days of our problem list review approval, I will provide an outline for a story.

Review the Outline with you

We can do this over the phone or by exchanging e-mails. I will need approval, before continuing to the next activity.

Create a Story from this Outline

Within 7 to 14 business days of the outline review approval, I will provide the story.

Review the Story with you and your staff

With no significant change in problem definition, we can do unlimited modifications within 30 days of the final outline version provided by me until you are completely satisfied. You will then be able to incorporate the story as part of your marketing collateral, post on your web site, etc.

Continue with the next story or document

To get started, please e-mail me at or call me at 678-935-7343.

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